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Easy to Use:
■ When the vehicle is put into reverse gear, the reverse indicator lamp will come on. This will supply a 12V power to trigger the camera system and the transmitter box and transmit the parking image to LCD screen automatically, a 100% seamless experience

■ Wireless Transmission:
■ The system uses the latest 2.4Ghz wireless transmission. This will ease all the trouble from running cables from the back to the front of the vehicle

Wide Angle Waterproof Camera:
■ The Camera is designed with IP65 waterproof rating, and provide a 110 ° horizontal and 80 ° vertical viewing angle
■ The camera can withstand a temperature rage of -20 °c to +60 °c for extreme weather condition of winter snow or summer heat.

On-screen Back-up Guideline:
■ Certain model provides the on-screen guideline display. This provide as an extra distance reference for the driver when reversing or parking their vehicle
How it works?

Installation Guideline

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